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Hi, I am Lucie

I am a French artist who came to Poland in 2012 to work on the video game "The Witcher 3" as a 3D animator.

After spending lots of free time drawing, I discovered my passion for tattooing in the autumn of 2019 and since then I continue pushing to learn and improve my skills.

I work in a tattoo studio based in the center of Warsaw but I am also doing guest spots and traveling around Europe to tattoo.

As a vegan and animal lover, I draw my inspiration from the fauna and flora that surrounds me. I'm here to take your requests and create a unique design to fit YOU.

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My style of work

I tattoo mainly animals, creatures and plants. I like to use black lines and gray-dot shading with small color accents. I don't do full color, realism or geometric tattoos. I also enjoy tattooing small designs, like lettering or symbols.

Skulls & Skeletons

Our bodies die and disappear, but our skeletons remain far longer. Whether on their own or incorporated into other compositions, they are beautiful symbols of our mortality.


  • Moonshine Studio

    Śmiała 63, Żoliborz


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