What I do when I don't tattoo


For the ones who don't know yet, I am a 3D animator for video games. I am still working in the games industry half-time so I can tattoo and draw.

I am a very active person and like to learn and improve when I have time.

A few months ago I started to learn ceramics. I am learning slowly how to make mugs and some animal sculptures.

I took a few classes with Małgosia in Warsaw, Poland to learn a few tricks to make cups and bowls on the wheel and hand technic.

Because I like the contact with working with clay, I decided to go to Amsterdam to have a 2 days workshop with the talented Nastia, she showed me how to build an animal sculpture I designed (the sculpture needs to be empty inside). I really enjoyed my time with Nastia and her beautiful universe. I am really motivated to make more animals and creatures.

I will update my shop with my ceramic product if you are interested in a few months.

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