Why did I choose Tamandua as my tattoo artist name ?

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What is a Tamandua and why did I choose this name for my tattoo artist name ?

I love animals and I wanted to name my art page with an animal name. This was my first thought.

Few years ago, I was participating in character design challenge and the theme of the month was Alebrije. I love that colorful art from Mexico. I decided to draw an ants eater (a random animal picked from my mind😃) then my friend Yama from Uruguay (South America), told me that I was drawing a Tamandua. I immediately fell in love with the name and decided to call my company Tamandua.

A Tamandua (pronounced tuh MAN doo wah) is a type of anteater and is often called a lesser anteater because it is much smaller than its relative, the giant anteater. here is a perfect page if you want to read more abut it.


I know most people don't know what a Tamandua is and this makes my name unique and mysterious !!!

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