Tattoo After Care


Voila! your tattoo is finished….. Now it is in your hands to take care of it for the best result !!!

Good to know !

During the first 4 days, your epidermis is open. The tattoo ink then bleeds, and your tattoo will drain ink, blood, and lymph. No panic, everything is normal. You risk staining your sheet and clothes, so choose dark-colored fabrics.

Primary Care

  • Remove the cellophane 3 to 6 hours after the tattoo session. Clean the tattoo (as described below) and put a new cellophane for the first night only. And not to use thereafter. If you have a second skin, remove it between 24h and 48h after the tattoo session. If the second skin got water inside after showering or is removed by itself, no worry, remove it completely and follow normally the following steps.
  • Clean the tattoo with neutral ph soap with clean hands.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Gently dab the tattoo with a paper towel to dry it. Do not use towels or household linen (even if clean) or toilet paper.
  • Let the tattoo breathe in the open air.

The following days

  • Repeat the primary care listed above for 3 weeks.
  • Apply the cream in a light layer, massaging gently into the skin after each wash until the tattoo has healed.


  • No bathing, swimming pool, sea, sauna, hammam, or other bathing during the entire healing period (3 weeks).
  • Wear cotton clothing (synthetics are irritating to the skin and open wounds).
  • No sun exposure for at least 1 month, even with sun cream (not to be used on a healing tattoo). After this period, your tattoo must be protected with an index of 50+ at each exposure.
  • Do not scratch or deliberately remove scrabs from your tattoo or risk altering it.

If you have questions during the healing process, instead of panicking 9often for nothing0, or seeking advice from friends, contact me :)

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